Asbestos and Lead Based Paint Services

APEX’s team members have extensive experience in the fields of asbestos and lead based paint consulting and can provide valuable skill sets to assist our clients with their various needs. APEX’s Certified Industrial Hygienist and staff professionals offer fundamental consultation including renovations, demolitions, operations and maintenance, employee training, project/program designs in their day to day operations and projects. Our typical client markets include residential, commercial, industrial, military, municipal, state and federal
governments. Our asbestos and lead based paint services include:

                   • State/EPA Required Building Inspections
                   • HUD Inspections and Risk Assessments for Lead
                   • Project Designs
                   • Project Management and Oversight
                   • Project Air Monitoring
                   • Operation and Maintenance Plans
                   • Employee Training & Awareness
                   • Clearance Sampling
                   • Respirator Fit Testing


Transactional Environmental Services

APEX offers turnkey environmental management that assesses the risk of ownership and provides liability protection to clients by
identifying potential soil and groundwater contamination and other services that are essential to real estate transactions and property
acquirement. Our environmental services include:

          • Phase I & II ESA’s
          • Desktop Reviews
          • Transaction Screens
          • Underground Storage Tank Management
          • Wetlands Delineation
          • NEPA: Environmental Impact Study, Environmental Assessments
          • Regulatory Permitting
          • Threatened or Endangered Species Assessments
          • Archaeological Sites